Dr. Ramesh Kumar Mishra

Ramesh Kumar Mishra is a professor of Cognitive Science and the Department Chair at the Centre for Neural and Cognitive Sciences, University of Hyderabad (Institution of Eminence). His research spans a range of areas including attention and eye movements, cognitive control, unconscious processing and bilingualism. The Action Control and Cognition Lab, led by him also investigates individual differences in cognition arising due to the use of multiple languages, cultural differences, and environmental contexts, in normal as well as special populations like deaf individuals or illiterates. He teaches courses on attention, cognition and action control, psycholinguistics, philosophy of mind, introduction to language sciences, cognitive psychology and introduction to cognition. He is the founding editor of the Journal of Cultural Cognitive Sciences, Springer Nature. He is on the editorial board of Bilingualism: Language and Cognition (Cambridge Univ. Press), associate editor of Frontiers in Cognition and academic editor of PLOS one. He is also a fellow of the Psychonomic Society, United States. His views on bilingualism, plasticity and cognitive advantages can be seen in this TEDx talk. He has authored several books including Bilingualism and Cognitive Control (Springer, 2018), The interactive Mind (Macmillan publishers, 2017) and numerous journal articles. The list of publications can be found here: https://rameshkumarmishra.wordpress.com/publications/

coordinator in UoH