Dr. Yury Shtyrov

Professor Yury Shtyrov is a PI and the Head of MEG and EEG research at the Department or Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University, Denmark. His background is in neurophysiology, with a specialisation in cognitive neuroscience and human psychophysiology. His  research has been focused on using multiple non-invasive neuroimaging techniques (EEG, MEG, (f)MRI, TMS, tDCS) to delineate high cognitive functions of the human brain such as language, attention, learning/memory and interactions between them. His particular contributions to cognitive neuroscience have been in uncovering a rapid and automatic dynamics of linguistic information processing in the human brain and to delineating online cortical processes underpinning language learning and word acquisition. He has published multiple peer-reviewed research articles, chapters in academic volumes and handbooks, popular science features, etc. Prof. Shtyrov has ample experience in graduate and postgraduate education and supervision and in leading a number of large grant-funded international projects.

Coordinator in AU